Dining & Bars

The world-famous Buddha-Bar restaurant attracts a discerning mix of local and international community with its fusion cuisine, set in an opulent Asian-colonial atmosphere.

The Buddha-Bar Lounge is the place for premium drinks & excellent cocktails and also venue for splendid parties.

A row of bars also ensure the carefree enjoyment. The Lobby Bar is open during the day with ligh snacks, coffee and tea specialities and drinks. The exquisite Klotild Bar & Lounge is open for private events and special programs, offering a luxurious milieu on the top of town.


Treat your senses with a visit to the worldwide famous Buddha-Bar restaurant in the heart of Budapest ! Envisioned by Raymond Visan in 1996, the Buddha-Bar brand is now present all-over the world to amaze the discerning community with its complexity. The carefully selected Buddha-Bar tracks perfectly harmonize with the elegant Asian style interior to creat intimacy for the exciting mix of flavours from Japan, China, Thailand, India, spiced by the French influence. Buddha-Bar restaurant Budapest is accessible directly from Vaci utca where a seasonal terrace ensures the enjoyment of the Asian-Fusion style cuisine during the day as well. The restaurant seats 116 people.

Follow the beautiful staircase covered in red carpet, to the exotic world of the Buddha-Bar Lounge. Buddha-Bar’s resident DJ takes you on a musical journey around the globe every night. The mixture of Electro-Ethnic rhytms and tribal sounds let your imagination fly from Latin-America throug the Balkans to the Far and Middle East.

Buddha-Bar brings you the finest beverage selection with over 250 different liquors, the finest classic drinks and cocktails. En joy the world class Buddha-Bar signature cocktails and our on creations and savour the tasty tapasians and rich sushi plates to evoke your appetite. Sit back and relax at the Buddha-bar Lounge after dinner and as the night falls enjoy the vibrant party atmosphere and conquer the dance floor.

Klotild Lounge

This new hip place for oriental cuisine lovers – which is named after a lebanese city situated on a hilltop in the Bekaa Valley – welcomes its guests in the heart of Budapest. Additional inspiration for the name came from the famous Hugarian painter, Tivadar Csontvary Kosztka’s monumental painting called Baalbek The restaurant that offers the finest Levantine cuisine prepares all dishes halal, placing emphasis on traditional recipes, fresh and premium ingredients and, last but not least, on exquisite serving. Baalbek, with its oriental atmosphere welcomes guests with homemade Arabic bread, unmatched genuine dishes and constantly changing daily offers all week long. The menu, in addition to the all-time favourite mezzes and colourful salads presents culinary specialities sus as « Harira » the spicy lamb soup, freshly made grill meat and fish, Lebanese milk pudding flavoured with rosewater or « Um ali » the Egyptian bread pudding.

The restaurant’s Chef – whose passion is authentic Arabic cuisine – is the guarantee that every guest in the restaurant will have the impression they are on a gastronomical journey to the Middle-East. Baalbek, with its cosy winter terrace, offering a wide range of premium shishas and traditional Arabic tea, will undoubtedly become a must try restaurant in Budapest.

Klotild Bar & Lounge : Soak up the beautiful view from the glass-roofed Klotild Bar & Lounge on the 6th floor and enjoy the premium beverages in an extravagant yet elegant setting. Occasional piano entertainers and fresh musical talents treat the music lovers to old-time favourites and yet-to-be discovered highlights while they enjoy the stunning city view accompanied by high-quality cocktails and beverages. Discover the exquisite Klotild Bar & Lounge, a perfect venue for private parties and company events.

Lobby Bar : Interconnecting the lobby area with the beautiful historical passage, the Lobby Bar is the central meeting point during the day for business meetings and for quick drinks. Refresh yourself with our coffer specialities or taste our mouth-watering fruit tea selection or discover the favourite cocktails of the 20th century, starting from the 1920s.