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« Culinary sensations without borders »

Le Vraymonde

Inspired by the fusion concept that characterises Buddha-Bar spirit, the menu of Le Vraymonde Restaurant combines Eastern and Western flavours in ways that delight epicureans. Its pan-Asian cuisine, in which the brilliant blending of the gastronomic traditions of France and Asia is particularly bold, is innovative and delicious. It showcases amazing specialties that are by turns refreshing and subtly noted promising beautiful taste sensations.

The restaurant’s luxurious décor continues throughout five distinctive spaces rich with varying shades of red and saffron and hints of ancient symbols, transporting guests to the heart of Imperial China. Large circular mirrors reflect an intriguing infinite perspective, lacquered ceilings gleam lustrously and exquisitely delicate light fittings hang suspended, casting a subtle illumination. The setting is evocative of the Orient and ideally suited to the tasting of refined specialties.

Le Vraymonde also has an excellent reputation for its original brunch, served every Sunday from 12.00 to 16/00. This buffet is delicious and generously tempting in its wide selection of dishes, which are themed around the 4 elements : Water, Earth, Air, Fire.

Le Qu4tre

The intimate reinterprets Asian themes while honourign contemporary materials. Symbolised by the cherry blossoms applied to backlit panels ot the black lacquered ceiling, the Japanese imagination gives the hotel an exclusive atmosphere that is both mystical and elegant, modern and yet somehow bearing the imprint of tradition. Voted the Best Bar in Europe for 2014-2015, le Qu4tre is the real drama of the daily life of the hotel. Its ambience and controlled lighting change with the time of day or evening, in accordance with the mood, alternately providing the perfect setting for a delightful lunch, the dicovery of innovative cocktails or enjoying a light snack.

Mixology is an art ! What is more, it is also the hallmark of Qu4tre, our lounge bar, where you are invited to relax in an intimate setting while tasting the original cocktails created by our Barmen, inventors of flavours, designers of taste sensations, consistent innovators and wizards of mixology. THey explore all the arcane aspects of this alchemical discipline, and offer a selection of original cocktails based around the 4 elements. Inspired by water, air, fire and earth, the Barmen of le Qu4tre select rare alcoholic beverages and often overlooked aromatic spices and herbs and combine them to produce the unexpected.